It's about time for a change of bedpans.

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Safe. Clean. Comfortable. Cost-effective.


Bed pan design hasn't really changed in over 100 years. It's about time. A new method was created that allows for more patient comfort, easier handling and less risk of contamination. Its unique patented design includes four important features.

I am very pleased with this bedpan. The seat is comfortable, similar to a regular toilet seat. Much better than the ones Hospice supplies.
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How to Prepare the Bedpan

Use the following steps to prepare the bedpan and the disposable plastic bag for use.


Step 1: Inserting the Bag

We've made it simple with three easy steps to follow for preparing the bedpan and disposing of the plastic bag.  Start with a standard 13 gallon kitchen poly garbage bag.   Center the bottom of the bag in the center of the base.


Step 2: Attaching the Lid

Attach the lid and capture the edge of the bag between the lid and the base. This way we keep the bag from moving.


Step 3: Wrapping the Bag

Pull the bag up through the center and wrap it around the bedpan.  This completely protects the bedpan.  Use some talcum powder to prevent sticking.  When done, unwrap the bag, un-click the top and remove the bag for disposal. 

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Buy Now

$34.99  ·  Free Shipping for a Limited Time Only